Dream of the Whisker

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I scratched my paws on my face and whiskers—it hurts a bit, but I know I’ll be healed soon. It’s yet another morning, in my beautifully-decorated cage—full of bright lights, gleaming gold, and endless piles of canned food. The steel bars on the sides have became exceedingly cold. I looked outside, into a rather warm living room, by the creatures who called themselves, Homo sapiens. Their laughter comes into my left ear and out the right. Laughter—something that I would never be able to experience with confidence. Crawling back to my comfortable enclosure, I waited.

Usually, around this time the humans would deliver me water and milk, along with opening some canned food for me to enjoy in my warm and fluffy bed. “Children”, namely young humans, would come and play with me, often taking weird photos of me with what they call a “phone”, saying that I’m “cute”. I honestly have no idea what these mean, but I guess it’s nice that I could bring them some fun. Now it’s been a while and they still haven’t came. My intuition tells me that something has changed. Only now did I realize, that what I feared has been true, all along.

Humans do not care about me—as a cat—as a fellow conscious creature. I gazed off into the distant field, out side of their windows. Warm, green, and endless. I imagined having a friend, a real friend, to enjoy my last moments in this world, in the warm sunshine. I imagined freedom, the freedom to walk outside this prison.

I was in my dreams when a cold hand grabbed me by the leg. I leaned forward, trying to escape the iron grip. But all was futile. Everything blurred into a point, full of misery, and full of pain. Screaming, I was taken to a room. Blinded by the fluorescent lights atop the ceiling, I have chosen to accept my fate. I turned away, twisting my paws strapped onto the chair, my whiskers embedded in the soft cotton. I did not want to witness it.

My heart begins to slow down. My heart beats the last beat, and my neurons fire the last impulse. As I fall into the singularity of entropy, time ceases to exist. The laws of physics have always been eternal, but the universe—my universe—has became static and never-changing. I now do not fear, I won’t fear I cannot fear.

I just wonder, what I have left behind.