Andrew Yu's Student Government Campaign

This document is still a work-in-progress.

Hi everyone. I am Andrew Yu, a new student at YK Pao School, Year 9. I have some experience and significant interest in political philosophy.

I have many proposals for the school. Take a look at the linked Webpage for the specifics, though in summary: (1) Add drinking water fountains; (2) Draft a rigorous ``legal'' system for within the school for clarity in which behaviors are encouraged, discouraged and punishable; (3) Relax school email rules to allow external emails; (4) Replace fluorescent lighting with LED lighting. While these proposals and plans are not specific to my campaign, being in the Student Government would make execution of these plans much easier (and would better motivate me to do them, especially for proposal (2) because I'd need to spend time to write a lot of stuff).

A note on my view of representative democracy: Representative democracy, at least generally in politics, is not ``the representatives directly represent the representatives in their opinions''. Representative democracy is the represented/voters entrusting the representatives/elected to be in the best interests of the represented, and to generally, not directly, represent their direct interests. Here's an example: The represented may generally want to get rid of tech-handins (ultimately we'd just have more flexible time for our work, which is nice, and the people who want to play games all night get to play games all night). But a representataive may consider possible problems (e.g. people playing games all night, tired during the next day, unable to listen to anything that they hear) and decide not to present or vote for such a bill in Student Government. (In a near-perfect representative democracy representatives will clearly communicate these ideas to the represented, and have a micromanaged consensus with the represented, which is what a representative should go for but is unlikely to be actually realized.) My plan is to, of course, listen to the voices of the represented (in this case all Y9s), to elaborate on and produce bills for suggestions that in my opinion make sense (i.e. no ``allow us to play video games all day'' suggestions), communicate my ideas and plan to the public, and bring them to Student Government meetings.

If you believe that I will be a contribution for the environment of the school by being in the Student Government, that my proposals make sense, please consider voting for me as it would make what I want to do easier. Do note that there is an oppurtunity cost voting for me—you now cannot vote for someone else, so, cast your vote carefully, I guess.

(Note to self: plurality voting is broken in modern politics but less so when selecting based on trust in the candidates' ability. Consider proposing an alternative voting system such as Instant Runoff or Approval Voting. See §11¶2.)

Please contact me for any suggestions, questions, and/or comments. Thank you for your interest in my campaign.