Forge Workflows

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I generally use my own Git server for my projects. I also use my account for issue tracking and mailing lists, and their Git for some projects too.

Regardless of whether I'm using my own infrastructure with plain Cgit and plain mailing lists (except that my mailing list manager is slightly broken for now), or the slightly better-integrated environment sourcehut provides, a contributor who wishes to submit some of their commits may simply do the following with git-send-email:

  1. Configure git-send-email (only once!)
  2. Clone the repository to a local directory
  3. Make some changes and commit
  4. git send-email HEAD^ --to='~runxiyu/' or something similar

This is much easier, imo, than the pull-request workflow popularized by GitHub (which is proprietary by the way) and similar forges:

  1. Register an account on the forge (once per forge)
  2. Click “fork” on the repo's Web interface
  3. Clone the fork to a local directory
  4. Make some changes and commit
  5. Push
  6. Go back to the Web interface to create a PR (which often involves clicking at least three buttons)
  7. Delete your redundent fork once the PR is merged and your repo is not really useful anymore

Why do certain people hate on sourcehut? Really convenient workflow IMO.