Andrew Yu

Andrew Yu, student of YK Pao School and Free Computing activist, welcomes you to their Website.

About me

I am Andrew Yu, a 14-year-old in Shanghai, China, currently studying at YK Pao School (link requires JavaScript to function, will discuss replacements). My main fields of interest are philosophy (especially political philosophy), metamathematics, programming fundamentals and molecular biology. I'm also a Free Computing activist.


There are many ways to contact me. None of these require proprietary software.

Do not contact me via WeChat.

I do not use social media.


Usually, electronic mail that I send are signed with my OpenPGP key. Please use OpenPGP when contacting me through electronic mail. The following are available.

In order to verify the authenticity of the key, check if you've actually downloaded these keys from, and also check the fingerprints with me elsewhere (email, IRC, in real life, etc) before trusting or signing it.

Once confirmed, please sign and share my key in order to build the OpenPGP Web of Trust.


Pages for other projects are not listed—only independent articles are listed here. These are sorted from newest to oldest. Some drafts aren't listed here, but are shown in the directory index.

I'm still adding them back here, might take a while for me to find my articles. If you have any that I missed, please inform me. Thanks.

These are articles that I've read that I believe is worth sharing here.

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