Social Media

I do not use social media. I do not find social media to be meaningful.

Social media as I understand it is based on ``microblogging'', i.e. short posts about a person's life, thoughts, etc. Social media is usually designed in a quick ``consumption''-oriented style, often leading to flamewars instead of in-depth discussions because of its ``quick'' and ``short'' nature. Social media recommends new posts and people to people based on what they ``like'' and ``boost'' further creating an information cocoon, ``shielding'' them from new ideas, rather than allowing for natural human distribution of good articles.

Instead, I read and write articles and share those that impress me naturally.

Most popular social media services such as facebook are also nonfree and have extra problems.

The Fediverse can be pretty toxic by Drew Devault, founder (I remember?) of SourceHut